About Us

Certa Victoria Scientific provides healthcare industry advisory, high value counsel on medical products/services development and commercialization.

Our Mission:

To accelerate the development of innovations and therapies that improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

Our Vision:

To fully rekindle Innovation amongst Physicians and Scientists. We aim to reactivate the Genius Mindset in Our Best Intellects.

We believe case studies and research should not only be about white papers and articles, or exercises aimed towards completion of academic requirements, but a sincere effort directed towards finding solutions to many challenges that plague our world. Therefore, we help our clients analyze their idea’s viability and potential applications to real-world issues and guide them to actualize it.

Certa Victoria Scientific lessen the barriers of entry into the world of innovation and discovery. We guide our clients to discover opportunity channels for their findings and position them for proper visibility and development for clinical applications.


We ensure our clients’ ownership of proprietary rights are protected throughout its development as well as ensure a proper revenue infrastructure setup and due recognition for their innovation.


Medical organizations have unique needs and listening to our clients is what we do best. With our deep translational knowledge, industry insights and clinical acumen, we guide our clients every step of the way in translating their ideas to saving lives.